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23 April 2014 – Number 292

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‘Miracle Child’ Who Survived Terror Attack

Two-year-old Abuzar Ahmad somehow survived the terrorist attack last month on a Kabul hotel that killed his parents, brother and sister. That he appears to be recovering from his wounds and now smiles during visits give hope to the relatives who cluster at his bedside. Bashir Mirzad, one of the boy’s uncles, said. “To us, he is the miracle child.” Abuzar was released from hospital last week.  More>>>

  In Afghanistan, childhood is often a full-time job

Sami Rahimi sleeps fitfully on a bread rack above the bakery’s cold concrete floor. He rises at 5 a.m., sweeps up, washes in a pan of chilly water, then prays. He gathers water from a public well and takes it back to the bakery. Working until dark six days a week, Sami earns about $80 a month, enough to support his entire family: disabled father, mother, three brothers and five sisters.  More>>>

  Kabul Photographs

Associated Press has an incredible 50,000+ photograph collection on Kabul.  Visit the Site to See the Photos>>>

  Copper, Thieves and Silk Road of Kabul

Century’s old art is the focus of concern in Afghanistan as well in a mountainous area once settled by Buddhist monks. However, the search for ancient art is colliding with the modern need for cash. CCTV’s Sean Callebs reports. See the Video Report>>>

  Female Cabbies Drive Change in Afghan City

Sara, 45, claims to be Afghanistan’s first-ever female taxi driver. The 45-year-old widow first started driving a cab as a way of providing for her four children and mother-in-law.  Her husband, a taxi driver himself, was shot dead by the Taleban. “There was no other breadwinner in our family,” she said. “I spent four or five years in great poverty and distress. After that, I decided to drive a taxi.  More>>>


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  Australian Coach
begins work in Kabul

Australian coach, Peter Anderson, Afghanistan’s new National Cricket Academy head, began work in Kabul this week. “I am excited to be here in Afghanistan,” Anderson said, surrounded by 200 young aspiring cricketers at the Kabul Cricket Stadium. “I hope I can make a contribution to the quality of cricket here. I will start slowly, watching, listening and learning.”   Dr Noor Mohammad Murad said: “We are pleased to be welcoming a person of Peter Anderson’s calibre to head our new Afghanistan Cricket Academy. He brings to us 35 years of cricketing experience both in Australia and internationally.”  More>>>

  Afghanistan Could be Playing Test Cricket in 2018 – ICC Decision

Last week the ICC Board made a decision which could see Afghanistan playing Test Cricket in 2018. The ICC Board approved the introduction of an ICC Test Challenge which will take place every four years between the lowest ranked Test team and the winner of the ICC Intercontinental Cup. The proposal is that the 10th ranked side on the Reliance ICC Test Team Rankings on 31 December 2017, or at the conclusion of any series in progress at that time, will play two five-day matches at home and two five-day matches away against the winner of the upcoming ICC Intercontinental Cup. More>>>


Afghanistan Football Federation

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Afghanistan-Kyrgyzstan friendly football match ends in draw

The friendly match between Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan national football teams ended in draw after the two teams failed to hit a goal. The Afghanistan football team missed a penalty hit during the first half of the game which was kicked by Faisal Shaista. Afghan footballers started an aggressive in the second half of the game and missed a number of opportunities to hit a goal. The friendly match was held at the Al-Shahab Stadium in Dubai on Sunday evening and attended by a large crowd of Afghans based in UAE.  More>>>


Interview with Afghan TV Boss

Moby Group si a media conglomerate set up by the Mohseni family in 2003 and headquartered in Dubai, which operates four satellite TV channels and two radio stations. One of its shows, Afghan Star, is one of the most popular shows in Afghanistan.  This article is an interview with Shafic Gawhari, chief executive of Moby Group Afghanistan, a former professional footballer, playing for the national football team, and a former advisor to the Afghan Ministry of Commerce and Industry. More>>>

  Rebuilding Higher Education
in Afghanistan

Deputy Minister of Higher Education in Afghanistan Professor Mohammed Osman Babury speaks about his hopes and strategies for Afghan education. “We aim to build a quality higher education system that responds to Afghanistan’s growth and development needs, which improves public wellbeing, respects traditions, incorporates modern scientific knowledge, and becomes internationally recognised.”  More>>>

  Interview with
Mohammad Afsar Rahbin

Mohammad Afsar Rahbin is the Cultural Director of the Ministry of Information and Culture. He has written 12 books, both poetry and literature. In the interview he says: “I would name three major achievements: the destruction of the fanatical Taliban system; the increase in publishing and disseminating ideas and opinions thanks to the media law; and the enormous positive impact that economic aid to Afghanistan has had in helping to change people’s lives.” More>>>

Combating food insecurity
and displacement

KABUL, 22 April 2014 (IRIN) – Last year, Afghanistan’s Ghor Province lost thousands of its inhabitants. Many fled due to conflict, but others fled due to a more subtle threat: drought. An estimated three-quarters of the population was affected when rain-fed crop harvests were destroyed due to the dry spell (and flash floods) that hit during the planting season, according to the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA). More>>>







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