To the American peopl???

Taus Mohammed

I am going to write  for the American people a through (Tru), regarding the American forigen policy for Afghanistan was always full of mistake and very duirty , why????
In 2001 in November I was intervied by the representative of MI6 and MOD, in a Hotel located in Victoria Train Station  in UK , I stated very briefly and openly and very friendly to the young soldiers of GB which were sent to fight against their own Terrorist alise the 23000 Arab Alqaida headed by  Osama Bineladin famous againt and friend of “CIA” I told them withdra your troops back to UK and don’t kill enosent GBS, in Afghanistan , Afghanistan people didn’t forgot the 3 wars between Afghanistan and the UK, unfortunatly why your Ganral high ranking officers didn’t learn good lesson from that wars ,  and your soldier will be killed very brutally??
They told me the American are very strong and will defeat The enemy, I reploy Yes American were strong enough in Vitnam aswell, how badly and shamelesly they were retreted???
Now  I am calling once again on Donald Tromp and the Senate  of American Parliament , and to the-people of America please withdraw the NATO troop from Afghanistan,why ????
Beacuse you have no Single Achivment  withen 17 years , your policy was very wrong your country even didn’t build a Hydrolik Dumb on Kokcha river , for which to day people were to respict your troops , unfortunatly 98% of papolation hate NATO Invaders troops ???
Secondly our people knows that your country and your alise for NATO made a very big and bad mistake in “Bon “ which you brought on power the brutallity stupid bloody killer ( ikhwani Ashrar), “ Mudjahiddin on power in Afghanistan and tell today they are saking people blood , corruption , bribery’s, kidnapping , Sicide , bombing is contiuing , your troop didn’t stop enemy , but your country support 100% , Taliban and Alqaida , ( Daish), and arming and giving finance  soport every day ???
The very bad things which you allowed Pakistan’s troops to build  foss and nil wire(سيم خاردار وخندق را اجازه دادين )،our people never forgive your country action and Ganral Raziq was killed because of it ?????
Now for the second time don’t fix the famous corruptionist  and Nasionalist , selfish  person  famous “ IceCream), having no brain , Mr ( Ashraf Ghana to become the
 President of Afghanistan),  ?????
Finally please withdraw your troops where is
not late ???