Afghanistan is an ancient country that every foot of that nation have been occupied, built and cherished, throughout the human history by those people, it is not possible to inform it at these short notes, Dr. Luis Duprey who served during late sixties and seventies as a professor of archeology and history at Kabul University have written comprehensive objective and academic book on the history of Afghanistan to the year 1970, will be a good reference to learn about that country.

I like to make some remarks from the white coup of April 1973, the change of historical monarch country to the republic and present, some points from the time British came to that region.

Afghanistan is made of mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, over 300 days yearly sunshine, overland and underground unused rich resources and a variety of climate, healthy organic fruits, vegetables, superb valiant people from many Asian tribes intertwined and intermarriages, located at the heart of Asia, with an strategic positions with fundamental believe in God-country and freedom, that have made this nation the icone of pride, dignity and freedom in the world.


To the time of industrial revolutions in Europe, Afghanistan was the GATE to India, people from Africa, Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and China made their ways and business and cultural connection through this nation to India, the SILK ROAD was created for this purpose, (SHAHR GHUL GHULA ) City of Noise in Bamyan was the center of crossroad, merchants meetings, the regional stock market for exchanges of thoughts, cultural exchanges and merchandise simples. “The city was burned by Alexander” being center of arm deals against Alexander invaders. Finally His followers made peace with Afghans and they built the joined Greek-Bakhterian culture that lasted thousand years.

The Industrial revolutions and developing of the SHIPPING industries, brought the British interest to the heart of Asia. With their Esat Indian Fleet and their gradual policy of divide and rule they occupied the Indian Continent for two hundred years.

Afghanistan have had long historical political and cultural relations with India, when British came still India was related with Afghan Ahmad Shah Durrani Empire that followed four hundred years of Mughal leadership from Babur Shah descendant of Afghan King. During the years our poets, philosophers and herbal medical experts made exchanges and inter-related developments.


For Afghan political and historical experts and our socio-cultural philosophers the above policies of British in India was not bearable and they have to educate our society and public sectors to be prepared for and be ready against advancing the same British policy and stand against their vicious dreams in Afghanistan.


Our politicians and scholars enlighten the people with our historical believe of GOD-COUNTRY and FREEDOM, writing poems, books and teaching subjects for unity in the schools for

Standing under one banner against the invaders of national enemies, prepared the people to defend the country during 3 Anglo-Afghan wars (1839-42;1878-80;1919) against the

British-Indian forces, chase them off  the Attack bridge, the historical border between India and Afghanistan.

Britain’s have not stop interfering with Afghanistan internal, regional and international affairs during the past 180 years, I mentions some examples;

***Assassinated of King Shair Ali Khan, sending two Indian physicians to poison him in Mazar province, who came with gangrene while he was on his way to purchase arms from Russia in 1879 to replenish his arm forces that was depleted during second Anglo-Afghan war.

***When Amer Abdulrahman Khan abolished tribal leadership and established strong central government. On thirteenth years of his strong leadership in 1893, Matumer Durand the British Indian Foreign Secretary brought a map and proposal for an artificial line between our independent tribes of Pashtuns and Baluch,s in North-West frontier, to get the approval of the Afghan Amer to accept it as an artificial line for not crossing from, against each other territories.

***During the First world war the delegation from Turkey and Germany, allies of the war and historical friends of Afghanistan came to Kabul in 1915, stayed for several months to get the approval of the Afghan authorities, for crossing Afghanistan to throughout British forces from India. Amer Habibullah Khan honored  his father Amer Abdulrahman Khans words and did not approve the forces of the first World War leaders to cross Afghanistan and free India from British domination.

***Few years later British authorities planned assassinations of King Habibullah to install their choice on the throne of Afghanistan, King Habibullah was assassinated at his sleep, finally the nationalist democratic son of Habibullah succeeded in the struggle for the throne.

***The British Indian forces crossed the above artificial line from three areas attacked Afghanistan in 1919, which started the third Anglo-Afghan war, they were defeated and Afghanistan obtained and announced total independence of Afghanistan. That artificial line was violated by the British forces then, and from there on have not be and will not be respected and accepted by Afghans..

***King Amanullah established a constitutional democratic monarchy with progressive government and brought great changes for the nation, this was not tolerable by our neighbor nations who were under the British authorities, also was a challenge to Britain, since the Afghan King starting socio-economic, political and cultural relations with the rest of European countries, Russians and the United States.

***Britains sabotaged King Amanullah,s official invitation by President Harding’s, while he was on his Europe trip waiting for the US official invitation in 1928. Also their agents Created

problems inside the country by using the religious agents to criticize the progressive programs of the King, cretesize and call it against religious norms and believes.


***Misleading report of the Iranian Shah to the Britains that King Amanullah has plan to establish his empire, having India and Iran under his authority. (Afghan government in early 20,s after the Russian army invaded Islamic countries in Central Asia, have accepted over millions of Uzbeks-Tajiks and Turkamens as their citizens and gave them lands and life stocks in the Northern provinces, made the King very popular in that area.) King Amanullah have had a good relations with Lenin of Russia and have purchased arms to develop the arm forces of Afghanistan which was on its route to Afghanistan.

British authorities feared of King Amanullah,s  success in the country and his regional and international accomplishments, especially after hearing the satanic claim of their Iranian partner, they start creating animosities between Russia and Afghanistan, the British authorities spread the bogas regional plans by King Amanullah,s to Russia, adding to it that King Amanullah has program to establish large empire which will include the central Asian Islamic nations, Iran and India. That made King Amanullah,s great friend Lenin worry, they delayed the arms shipment to the last day, that King Amanullah left his country. The programs that instigated and planned and programmed by the British and their stooges in our neighbors.


(King Amanullah,s Deputy Interior Minister told me this which was confirmed by Mr.Faiz Mohammed the Foreign Minister of King Amanullah when I visited him in 1971 in New Jersey at a hotel running by his son.)


***Afghanistan relations developed with the United States from early 1940’s. Education, agriculture, inter-state roads and by-national programs was improving between our nations.

India obtained their freedom after two hundred years occupation by Britain in 1947.

Finally Britain was losing ground in the heart of Asia, after losing three wars trying to occupy Afghanistan and now being thrown out of India, they came up with another vicious program creating a country in the name of Pakistan for their footstep and a thorn between India and Afghanistan, which to this time have burned this region with their authorities, now their vicious satanic, terror and suicide training centers, have become so bloody that burning grounds for the whole world. Including their creator England.


***After the Second World War, the world divide by two super power. The US heading NATO Pact  in one side and the Soviet Union heading the WARSAW Pact in other side. It was the beginning of the cold war.

When the British authorities created Pakistan 1n 1947 and then in 1963 organised the Bagdad then CENTO pact, including Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan all Islamic countries under NATO security to be challenge against the expansion of the Soviet Empire in  the region, the cold war start warming up.


British government agents presented their made-up Islamic pact to the US authority for approval and sponsorships. At the time Vice President Richard Nixon was the expert of their foreign

policy. Looking at the project, saying to the British Authorities “good program all Islamic countries, but how come Afghanistan another Islamic country have not been included.”

British authorities knew the position of Afghanistan, also they did not like the Vice President over shadow Britain’s foreign policies, so they played a vicious game, told Vice President Nixon that “When the Vice President Visit Afghanistan, will be a good time to include Afghanistan to the Pact.”  

Vice President Nixon came to Afghanistan in November 1953, hoping to include Afghanistan to the CENTO Pact. Vice President new very little, only from reading some novel books about Afghanistan, thinking that a small underdeveloped Asian Islamic monarch country may jump to hear any proposal from the Vice President of the United States.

When he arrived in Kabul, asked the US ambassador who spoke also French, the language that the King was speaking with him, to arrange immediate meeting with the King. The Royal court prepared an afternoon tea for the Vice President with his Majesty the King.

Mr. Nixon start to bring-up the Pact question, the King turned his face to the Ambassador and told him that, you know the policy of my government, these matters are worked out with the prime ministry, tomorrow Mr. Vice President can bring these matters with them. The tea with His Majesty was short and ended without serious talks or photo options.

Next day Prime Minister Daoud invited Vice President Nixon, having five top ministers of his cabinet to meet with their delegation at the Foreign Ministry historical building.

Mr. Nixon brought up the question of the regional Islamic pact under the NATO leadership. Afghan Minister for foreign affairs Mohammed Naim (brother of Mr. Daoud.) asked permission, stood for about forty-five minutes talked about the regional political matters and explained the independent non-aligned policy of Afghanistan and then sat down.

Prime minister Daoud said,  we can not take side with any power and do not join any pact, if the Vice President government is cooperating to our developing projects without any military ties, our Ministry of Planning will be glad to talk on the matters with your related representatives.

The meeting was ended without Afghanistan joining the BAGDAD-CENTO Pact despite Mr.Nixon’s effort. After some tours of Kabul he left Afghanistan very disappointed .


Upon arrival in Pakistan, signed ten years generous military agreements with Pakistan, and during questions from Media and Time magazine journalists, about his trip to Afghanistan,

to cover his embarrassments to British and not understanding the historical and geo-physical stands of the country, he replied that Afghanistan have one thousand eight hundred kilometer border with the Soviet Republics and have gone under the sphere of influence of the Soviet Empire.

Obviously he was covering his embarrassment back home. Made a regional blunt remarks,                                                                                                                                                                    disrespecting the neutrality of Afghanistan, during the First and Second World wars, the importance of item seven regional agreement between Germany and Russia of 1916 and


agreement  between Russians and British after the 3rd. Anglo-Afghan war, that Afghanistan

sovereignty as a buffer state have been respected and acceptable by both powers of East and West.

The Soviet authorities taking the above remarks of Vice President Nixon as a representative of             the west, a hint that the west has given-up on the buffer state neutral position of Afghanistan, from that point on they start planning to bring Afghanistan as part of its satellite states.


Chairman Bulganin and Primer Khrushchev of Russia came to Kabul in 55, taking advantage of the fail trip of Vice President Nixon and his remarks of Afghanistan gone under the sphere of influence of the Soviet Union.

Bulganin gave a lecture at the Stadium for the citizens of Kabul, I was at the High school, we went with other students to hear the head of the Soviet Union speech, it sounded like some of their agents had informed him word by word the demand of Prime Minister Daoud from Vice President Nixon. Bulganin, said “We respect our historical agreements (The mutual by-national respect agreement which was signed by Lenin with King Amanullah and renewed couple times during King Zahir Shah’s time.) and we will provide loan and developing helps without any political and military attachments.” They lied, that was the beginning of recruiting weak and naive people to their communist programs.


Prime Minister Daoud with western educated and experienced administrative and military experts, honest and hardworking national figures with firm leadership, developed the nation in the field of education, military, agriculture, roads, dams, textile, Gas productions ( That was pipelined to the Soviet side with meter control by the Soviet experts to their side, estimated that our gas export payoff the Soviets loan in 19 years that started in 1960, the loan would have been  paid-off in 1979, the end of that year they invaded Afghanistan, they continue sucking our gas without pay for another ten-twelve years.) Cement and other needy sectors.

Also he is the leader who brought the women freedom and co-education at the college levels, in very short years the ladies were in the cabinet positions, teachers and administrators with the equal pay to their male counterparts.

With communist parties developing underground with the Soviets and China,s support and movements of Islamic Fundamentalists through Pakistan, backing by British, the prime minister decided to counterbalance the pressure of communists. He appointed a brilliant historian-politician Mr. Maiwandwal as ambassador to Washing D.C. in 1958.

During his time as ambassador 1958-1963 he did a brilliant job, introducing Afghanistan to the US authorities and improving the cold relations that was started from the trip of Mr. Nixon to Kabul in 1954.

Prime Minister Daoud was invited in 1958 to Washington with a high respect as leader of a nation, meeting  President Eisenhower and travelling to various states with Vice President Nixon, his delegations making cultural and economic agreements  with their US counterparts.


The relations was improving, President Eisenhower came to Afghanistan in 1959 by the invitations of King Zahir Shah for one day during his Asian countries visit, they were sitting in a convertible automobile from the airport to the Palace cheered and welcome by the people

of Kabul, the King ordered a lavish party for the President and their entire entourage in Paghman Valley Palace, which showed distinguish hospitality of Afghan people. Also King Zahir Shah had one hour private meeting with the President.

The Time  Magazine printing an article under the picture of Prime Minister Daoud with remarks that “P.M. Daoud is lighting American sigaret with Russian matches.”

At this time the Vietnam war was heating up involving the US with the support of the South Vietnam and Russians and Chinese supporting the North Vietnam against the South and their supporters.

The US presidential elections resulted Democrats winning, John F. Kennedy elected the new president, inaugurated on January 20th. 1960.

The intellectual politician from an outstanding public services family, brought hopeful social and political changes in the United States and the world.

From the other side the Soviet Union with their allies like China and their aggressive overseas policies making advances to Africa and south America and even supporting a radical communist stooge under the chin of the US, Cuba with their militant leader Castro against the United States.

There was rumors that there were 18 KGB hit men at the UN building, intimidating members to show support for the Soviet policies at the UN agencies during 1960 and 70,s meetings.


President Kennedy was fighting in Vietnam but frustrated with Cuba, after Bay of Pig and the Russian Missile Crisis. Ambassador Maiwandwal was still Afghan ambassador in Washington. His efforts was to develop the relations and have to suggest to ease the indirect Soviet pressure using Cuba at this sphere of influence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

President Kennedy invited the King and Queen of Afghanistan to the United States in 1963. It was quardual invitation, the King visited some states and more cultural and economic programs were promised. At a private meeting President Kennedy said that he is aware that in the past ten years Afghan government have achieved some important successes, now if you would improve to the constitutional democratic system, we will support you immensely in all sectors of your society, which will nourish your country to great successes.


During his visit Prime Minister Daoud in 1958, was very impressed by the developments in the United States and specially the two party system which is based on constitution and national norms of the country. Maiwandwal was a political confidant of Prime Minister Daoud, that is why he appointed him Ambassador to Washington. So the word is that he discussed the hope of two national constitutional base parties in Afghanistan to challenge the communist pressure from the north and Islamist from south, in length with Ambassador Maiwandwal during his Washington visit.


That is why he was the one who made a suggestion to the King for constitutional democracy with approval of political parties to enable the winner in election to run the government.

Mr. Daoud was hoping that the new constitution will have the approval of Loya Jirga and the King’s seal for political parties, a democratic system with two national parties based on

constitution and national needs and historical norms of the country.

When the King returned from the United States, discussed the changes to constitutional Royal democracy with his cousin Prime Minister Daoud. Who agreed and Mr. Daoud proposed his cabinet member from a small local ethnic group Dr. Yousuf educated in Germany as  interim Prime Minister during the process of new constitution and election, after winning of a political party will appoint the new cabinet to run the democratic government.


((If we have had the constitutional monarchy with approval of two national political parties, headed one by Mr.Daoud a national Ghurzang Milli and the other one Masawat run by Mr. Maiwandwal with honest educated people from the west, now Afghanistan would have developed like North Korea and some other developed nations.))


Mr. Daoud resigned and the interim prime minister appointed by the king , the process for new constitutional monarchy started.

With Afghanistan unfortunate hope, President Kennedy was assassinated, the US being involved at Vietnam War and now assassination of brilliant president who respected at the world with his firm stand against communist movements and strong support to their foreign allies. The US was bogged down to their internal affairs.

Country like Afghanistan whose constitutional monarchy was supported by the US government with personal interest of President Kennedy, which would have overshadowed importance of Iran and Pakistan the British historical stooges in the area. Developing a star democratic nation with the support of Washington against the Communist supporter by the north and Islamic groups from Pakistan.

Afghanistan was left to the regional vultures and British and Russia, to tear a part their hope for democracy and developments.

British, Russians, Iranians and Pakistanis start sabotaging the brilliant national process of Afghanistan, interring from all angles at the  Royal regime to create breakdown at the historical national authority of the nation.

They planned to create innomocities between the King and his strong cousin and national figure former Prime Minister Mohammad Daoud.

They intervened to convince the King not to sign the political parties law, also making him

approve the item 24 in the constitution (This prevent the constitutional rights for his cousins to take part to the government or any political activities.) mainly the two powerful and long public servants Mr. Mohammad Daoud and Mr. Mohammad Naem shoved aside.  While the other cousin and son-in-law of the King was incharge of the army and right hand of the king for major



The constitution passed, the King gave impressive speech and appointed Dr. Yousaf as a first Prime Minister for the constitutional Monarchy. Most of the outstanding people hired at the constitutional government were nourished during the past ten years of Mr. Daoud governments. Only one of them objected the item 24 which was ignoring the legal rights of Prince Daoud and Prince Naem, the rest of them kept silent, as the King and his son in-law were worked out aggressively by the agents of the above four rival states.


The democratic constitutional monarchy was working very good, both houses honest national figures controlling the activities of the government, seven times the government changed, every time a national qualified person became prime minister and the qualified cabinet members were shuffled to the responsible positions for serving the country with the best ability and total honesty. The country was developing at the rate of 8 and 9 % in the end of sixties. University was separated from the government authority, except its budget from Ministry of Finance and direct leadership of the minister of educations, university presidents elected by its own deans and officials and have had free programs for accepting qualified students at the colleges and sending selective ones for further education abroad, open the door for education abroad for the ones who wanted to go for study on their own expense. Created affiliations with foreign universities and cultural institutions, and registering KU to UNESCO for participating in variety of cultural programs all over the world. Having foreign students at Kabul University and opening the doors for our graduates to foreign institutions, having ECFMG exams twice a year at Kabul university for Afghan doctors and Indian and Iranian doctors who have not the program in their countries.

Over million tourists coming to Afghanistan every year, we have had about thirty thousand Indians came to Kabul every winter for skiing sports.


With all that, we did not have national political parties and legal permission to start or participate in one, regretfully our democratic system opened the door for foreign rival political parties to nourish in our country, publicly gathering and recruiting naive and less informed persons to the communist and Islamist parties supported by the enemies of the country. Also the former prime minister Prince Daoud was isolated and also frustrated with unjust political game played against him and his brother, outstanding foreign minister during 50,s. Kabul was usually disturbed by demonstrations of communist parties supported by Russians and Chinese support and Islamist groups instigated by Pakistan.


Prince Daoud had military background, nourished the arm forces nicely during his ten years prime ministry. Students were sent to the Soviet Union for military educations. Off-course the soviet authorities have trained some of them for future military coup helping to the communist revolution. Also inside Afghanistan they supported communist groups nourished and with the direction of the Soviet Embassy, their agents at the academic, military and foreign affairs

Infiltrated the former Prime Minister Daoud,s camp, who was unhappy what the King and his

son-in-law and his former cabinet officials betrayed his trust and curtailed his political rights.  


He and his brother also did not like what was going on in Kabul, with the riots and disturbances by the foreign groups, with no control of the government for the safety and the right of the nation.

He had no choice but to attract the support of the young military officers trained in the Soviet Union and some secret agents working at the Afghan government for many years who were acting as good Afghan citizens, to his revolutions group.


The Soviet Union was not happy with the King. Because he wanted free-nonallign Afghanistan, his democratic Kennedy support program, and obstacle to the Soviets plans to get to the warm waters of India when they wanted to stepping on Pakistan during late sixties that the US was bogged down with Vietnam war and internal political chaos.  China and India have given their approval and support to the Brezhnev programs to get to the Indian Ocean stepping over Pakistan.

When Pakistan was involved with India in war, losing its east Pakistan to a separate country name Bangladesh in 1970-71. Mr. Pozanov the Soviet Ambassador in Kabul, asked for a private audience with the King. He presented the message of his government that “ This is the good time that Afghanistan proceed and occupy the Afghan land that was separated by the British and if need be we will come and support you.” The King respond was “ It is against our historical cultural code to attack a country who is in war with others even if be your enemy, beside the freedom of Pashtunistan is their historical right it will happen in time.”

Ali Bhutto the Prime Minister of Pakistan, after their war, drove directly from Islamabad to the Kabul Palace, bowing and appreciated the Kings gesture saying you are a great king of the valiant people of Afghanistan.

Few months later Bhutto with the support of their creator Britain convincing Americans that Afghans are working with Russians, to sour the relations with the US and plan to stop the travel of Afghan 1.5 million nomads through North-West frontier to India, who were going to the warm plane lands in the fall and winter months and coming back to the hills and valley of their country during Spring and Summers, which for thousands years was human and business relation with two countries.


***Pakistan and Iran both were jealous of democratic Afghanistan having progressive mutual respected relation with the west and also having positive relations with the Soviets and China in their neighbor.


***The Former Prime Minister Mohammad Daoud (cousin of the King.) had his dissatisfactions with the regime and the way the country was played politically,  waiting for the right moment to tople historical monarchy in the country and install the first republic under his authority in the country during the past ten years.

While the King was gone to England for his eye treatment, former primer Daoud  arranged a white coup d’etat on July 17, 1973 with the support of some of his old army friends and mostly the young officer educated in the Soviet Union.


I was in Bloomington Indiana University for a third time post graduate educational program, I heard on my car radio while going to class, that an Army Commander have made a coup in Kabul Afghanistan. I went back to my apartment (no cell phones at that time) made calls to the Afghan embassy and other places, no one was responding. I got more worried, I went to the

Dean of Students Office, Thomas Schreck who was adviser at Kabul University during 60’s while I was  running the cultural department of Kabul University. Told him what I heard and asked him to please call the State Department, just find out the name of the commander who has made the coup d’etat in Afghanistan. He called and said his name is Prince Daoud. I said thank God, Afghanistan is save. I said that, because when I left a year ago the communist were very active and I though they have made the coup. Daoud was a nationalist figure, who will not bow to the foreigners.

Next day  Afghans at IU which were about 12 people got together in a park to talk about the coup in our country. After couple hour discussions, recommended that we have to send a cable congratulate the president. I just said it will be good idea to wait and see who is he select at his cabinet, then we can see which way the government is going, then we can send our telegram.

(( I went back home in 1976, I saw the chief of intelligence services in a friends house, he smiled and said “someone sent a report to me that you delayed sending congratulation to the president waiting for his cabinet appointees.” he said he ignored it. I knew this gentleman who was a schoolmate and friend of the President of Kabul University, while I worked with him during 60,s.))

I was working on my doctoral program in 1976, when I got a letter from my 109 years old father who worked with various authorities from 1886 to 1950,s and was very concerned about the situations and future of the country. I stopped my education and went home to be with my father and two younger sisters and younger brother who went home recently after finishing their studies in the United States. I made a stop in Paris to see an old distinguish friend who was member of the Board of Directors at UNESCO, he was from previous royal family and knowledgeable experienced person on Afghanistan matters, he kept me extra couple weeks and advise me to be careful and not to trust the ones who work with this government except the president himself.  I have had feelings that going in is OK but getting out of Afghanistan will be hard. I wrote to my close friends in the US that I may not be able to return back to Europe or the United States.

When I arrived home, I was very happy to see my father in good health in his age. I saw the  new constitution on his desk, after pleasant meetings with the family. Sat to the present of my father to hear from his experiences with the previous governments and the relations with neighboring countries and super powers in the region and the world.

His evaluations was that the political structure is broken in the country, God help Afghanistan, without historical non-aligned monarchy, the closeness with the Russians where the two neighbors are the stooges of Britain and Americans, if we lose our traditional non-allian buffer policy, with the political chaos in the United States after assassination of President Kennedy, what will we do when Bolsheviks start further interferences  in our country.

This was a great historical lesson and my future concerns for that, that I am struggling with it during the past forty years.


I went to the Kabul University and got back to my teaching job at the school of economic.

I have had friends at the government and even one of the former students

who was appointed Deputy President and Minister of Finance offered me positions at the government, I made an excuse for health reasons, ask for postposements after coming back after my treatment from Moscow. Those days you can only go to Moscow for treatments.

One day Senator who was raised in our family called and named two generals who wanted to come and visit with my father. They were invited for an afternoon tea one Thursday afternoon.  

Both were distinguish experienced generals, one retire and the other very close to the President, the romer was that he may be appointed as defence minister. I was serving the tea and lessonning for the two hours conversations on the political matters of the country-region and the world. The general said “he wrote one page letter on the situation of the ministry of defence, that the president had asked me about few days ago. I presented the letter when he finished reading, got furious shoved the letter on the table with his finger towards me and told me, don,t bring these kind of letters again to me.” The general got very sad, he said that in that letter I have had written, that there are three hundred GRU members from the special services of the Soviet Union Military Department at the ministry of defense, and the past experiences have shown that they usually send them to other countries to organise the coup for the communist benefits.

Dad told him, be paciant and help him, he is a nationalis figure and he is the only hope to keep us safe from Soviet dominations. He understands every thing, he was betrayed by the previous government and traitors and now he is surrounded by the people that he can not trust, he needs many qualified national figures like you to be with him at this time. We all have to think for the good of our nations.

They were happy with their visit and they left.

Next day my older brother with cousin who was graduate of MIT and served as governor and minister of irrigation and agriculture with his best ability and total honesty at the Royal Kingdom time(He lives in California) came for visiting dad, during the time, my dad said, when communists comes the first persons they eliminate are the ones who believe in God-freedom and have some qualifications who love their country, then he told them pointing at me also, you should be careful, do not get involved in political arguments. Do not trust anyone, very quietly make the arrangements for yourselfs specially and then your family to go some safe village or country.

I left the country shortly, my father got very sick in late 1977, my older and younger brother with my two sister were taking care of him, he passed away in August 77, just few months before the bloody coup of communists took place in Kabul, killing President Daoud his Brother Naem some of his cabinet members and seventeen of his family members women and children included.


During the five years of his presidency,  he stood twice buntly against Brezhnev’s demand. Once in 1975 President Daoud was asked to provide two military bases one in Jalalabad and the other in Kandahar for them. President Daoud responded we are independent nation we do not allow foreign military bases on our land. Next time wile he went to Moscow, on April 15, 1977 to talk to him directly, to make him stop their stooges creating headaches for the Afghan government, when he heard the immoral demand from Brezhnev himself, he got ferrous again said we are a free country, whoever we need, keep them in our country and the ones we do not want send them back to their homes. Canceled the special meeting he had asked to have with Brezhnev.

When President Daoud came home, he made some trips to the foreign countries, but at the time the Soviet Union was very powerful all over the world, no nation truly came to stand next to Afghanistan. So they decided to eliminate him to bring the government to their desire and control to succeed for their dreams plan occupying Afghanistan in six months then stepping on Pakistan and reaching to the  warm waters of Indian ocean.


The Soviet Authorities created a communist party under the name of Democratic People (Khalq) party of Afghanistan and later divided it to two branches of Khalq and Parcham (People and Banner) . On April 17, 1978 the theoretician of their Marxist Leninist party Mir Akbar Khyber was assassinated. (One rumor is that KGB killed him to create chaos between the communists and the government for their program.) After the  burial of Khyber, the huge crowd blamed the killing on the government and started a nationwide demonstration on April 19, 1978.

The government put eight of the communist leadership on April 26, 1978 to the prison, one of them Hafizullah Amin was not captured to the middle of  night, who was incharge of the military authorities, was able to inform their military groups to start their work early that morning of April 27, 1978 that organized the bloody coup against President Daoud.


On April 30, 1978 Noor Mohammad Taraki the chairman of Khalq party was introduced as a President of the Revolutions committee, in a month Babrak Karmal from the Parchan brach was appointed as the deputy of the committee and some other members as ministers in various branches of the government, soon after, problems started between two groups, Karmal with some of their Parchami groups assigned to the foreign embassies.

The foreign minister Amin from Khalq party was getting stronger, he was appointed as Prime Minister in March of 79 (Brutal person who killed thousands of Afghan national figures and freedom fighter in mass murders.) His relations with President Taraki was soaring as Taraki was getting close to the Parchan group and had complains to their Crimlin bosses, plotting to eliminate Amin the prime minister on his return trip from Cuba Non-aligned conference through Moscow

Prime Minister Amin found out about the plot through his agents who were with President Taraki delegation Moscow meetings. He was prepared, when Taraki came to Kabul he was not succeeded to eliminate  Prime Minister Amin. But few days later they found President Taraki dead in his bed by suffocations.


Amin announced the death of the President due to ailment and announced himself the Chairman of the Party-President and foreign minister.

The conflicts among the communist parties and the Soviet Ambassador and killing of Afghan national figures and failure of their plot to eliminate Amin made the Soviet Authorities worried and furious, so they came with their full force of 120 thousand troops with air and ground forces, invaded Afghanistan on  the night of Christmas 1979. Poisoning and eliminations President Amin and their group and brought their longtime trained Kremlin puppet Babrak Karmal through Soviet Republics to be the Chairman of the Communist Party and the President of the country.


The people of Afghanistan were suspicious about the communist groups since late sixties and they were distrusted President Daoud’s cabinet and government officials with their leftist connections and attachments. After his brutal assassination, his family and some cabinet members by the Soviet supported communists, people all over the country were standing against the communist regimes, but when the Soviet army invaded the country on Christmas eve of 1979, then everywhere in the country and abroad Afghans start rioting and fighting Soviets and their installed puppet regime in Afghanistan.

The US boycotted the 1980 Olympic in Moscow, at the UN 103 countries voted against Soviet invasion of a historical independent nation. Zbignev Brezexchneski the US National Security Advisor and Bill Casey the Director of CIA came to the Khyber Pass meeting with Afghan Freedom Fighters promising their help saying like “ YOU HAVE ALWAYS STOOD AGAINST INVADERS AND HAVE DEFENDED YOUR COUNTRY, YOU WILL DEFEND YOUR COUNTRY AGAIN AND PRESERVE YOUR INDEPENDENCE”. Representing President Carter’s government.

President Reagan inaugurated on January 20th. 1980. He had promised to bring American hostages from Iran and  support Afghan Freedom Fighters to obtain their freedom from Soviet invasions. Also the US government asked all of their allies and rich Arab countries to present their copperations to the Afghan fighters through the government of Pakistan.

Later-on when the brutality of the Soviet air forces spreading and the news of using Napalm bomb was coming out of the country and we were able to smuggle Dan Rather and his crew  through seal borders in the country who took pictures of Nayphom casualties, then President Reagan gave the permission to provide the Afghan freedom fighters with the Stinger Rockets to defend themselves from the air massacre by the Soviets Air Force.

That changed the whole picture of the war game, because the Afghans were fighting good on the grounds and mountains, but they have had great loses from the air raids of the Soviet super power.

I was living in San Jose California, next day of the invasions, we gathered eight-ten Afghans to start our support for our freedom fighters against brutal invasion of our home land. A gentle young man Hashim Shaghasi lived in San Francisco, he obtained the police permit for us to start our demonstrations, on the first days of invasion,  we were few people some Czechoslovakians walking on the streets of San Francisco with us.


In few days we found the Soviet General Consulate in San Francisco, a ten story building with about hundred rooms, we were told that, that was the center of espionage against Central and

Southern American States, California and Silicon Valley. We exposed that espionaje center to the US media and the rest of the word, despite their phone threats to my family.

Within few months we organized a three days weekend Afghan Freedom Days in Los Gatos valley of San Jose, inviting former American Scholars, Politicians, businessmen, and Afghan business, politics and education people to attend our gathering, for introducing Afghanistan to the US with speeches, merchandise displays and gatherings.


Created a good ground for gathering with Afghan scholars in Los Angeles at the house of an Afghan Radio program producer to elected a devoted Doctor Fetrat from Atlanta to establish the coordinated center for all Afghan freedom organizations in the United States, we were gathering in San Francisco-Los Angeles-Dallas-Atlanta-Washington and New York every weekend with hundreds of Afghans and many Americans in other major US cities to voice our hatereats against the Soviet invasion of our country and demanding their withdrawal from our land and hope for freedom of our nation.

(At that time there was no divisions and enomocities, we all together, under one flag gathering as Afghans fighting for freedom for our country against brutal invaders.)

The Brezhnev plan and program was to occupy Afghanistan within six months then proceed stepping on Pakistan to reach the port of Karachi  warm waters of India .Rumors was that Chinese and Indian government have agreed with the above plan.

In their plan and program they have not predicted their domestic changes and limit of their success in Afghanistan. They planned budget for occupying Afghanistan in six months with their expenditure of $130 million dollars a day war expense, which extended to ten years, Brezhnev and their top old leaders keep dying one after another, their national economy collapsed, freedom fighters support extended to the rest of the world, Russian fighters dying in Afghanistan made the Russian people dissatisfied with their regimes, the Soviet Republic getting isolated from Moscow brutal leaderships. Finally the less brutal and wise Russian leader Gorbachev decided to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan, asking the support of the US and UN for the help for their safe withdrawals.

This was much more exciting news for the United States, then the  great super power the major rival world enemy of the United States is defeated by the freedom fighter of Afghanistan. Their stooge allye Pakistan saved from Soviet Red Army crushing them, reaching to the warm waters of India, that would have changed the world structure and have made the Soviet Union greater superpower of the world.

The US totally ignored Afghanistan and left them to the Russian Puppet regime and then thieves and traitor warlords who nourished by the Governments of Iran and Pakistan during the fourteen years (1978-1992) of wars against communists regimes in their nation.


They held Gorbachev in their arms and President Bush send their business, technology and management experts to rebuilt and nourish the collapse Soviet institutions, having brought them to par in ten years that Mr. Putin the trained child of KGB takeover, nationalized all the pro western joined ventures and finally establish the Russian empire to be challenge to the US policies in the world again.

Our great military establishments and whatever was left from the fourteen years war, looted by the Iran and Pakistan through their immoral agents,  the nation was divided by these so-called fifteen warlords nourished by Pakistan and Iran, using the ignorant people who were brainwashed during the communist regimes, without education or communists negative education, no knowledge of history, culture or national value, created the group of vulchers, without any human moral and national responsibilities.

People were frustrated from the authorities of the government officials, in late 1995 a group of elder ladies from Uruzgan Province, went to Kandahar Mosque which had a preacher who lost one of his eye  fighting Soviet invaders during 1980’s . They told the preacher that the provisional governor is very dishonest and immoral, not only robbing us from every thing we have, now planning to disrespect the dignity of our people. Mullah Mohammed Omar the preacher got up and asked eight of his friends to get their arms, now we need to protect the dignity of our people, this is our main national and religious obligations. They rode on their Toyota Pickup went directly to the house of that Provincial Governor, drag him out of his house and hanged him on the trunk of a tank parked in front of his house. From there on, they went village by village and province by province, cleaned the country from the thieves and traitors, hanged the last Russian puppet president who killed many God Believing and Nation loving people during his various positions under the communist regimes. Also hanged nine Iranian political and cultural preachers who were creating chaos in Mazar and other northern provinces. The leaders of the warlords run-away to Russian republics, Iran and Pakistan.


Mullah Mohammed Omar stayed in his mosque in Kandahar. For six years he run the country under the banner of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. He knew the Pashtun Codes of Honor and he was nourished with Kandhar Barfoot honest and strict codes. He run his government with honesty and respected leadership. The Capital Kabul 350 miles away from him was working honestly under his orders. Pakistan who benefited immensely from the time President Reagan demanded all the countries to help Afghan Freedom Fighters through Pakistan, can not tolerate that Afghanistan be run independently by a strong national leader, so the following satanic programs they followed.


***They brought numbers of Afghans educated at the Wahhabi madrassas of Pakistan with some of their ISI agents to work at the Kabul Government, practicing some of the  Wahhabi sect of Islam in the Capital and other cities. To convince the Saudi Government that they have spread their Wahhabi sect of Islam in Afghanistan to receive more money from Them. Also have their ISI Wahhabi agents to infiltrate the Afghan Emirate of Islamic Government.


***Bin-Laden left Pakistan in early 90’s after the collapse of the Soviet Union, went to Sudan to look after construction business left from his father to them. He was a Saudi rich kid, when he saw the courage of the valiant people of Afghanistan, fighting a super power of the World, with their limited means but great believe, then saw the poor people of Sudan struggling to survive and his nation Saudi Arabia with unlimited wealth does not care what is happening to their neighbors. He start complaining about Saudi’s irresponsible behaviours to their neighbor Muslims, the words were spreading and the Saudi Government was getting irritated. Their head of Security got together with the Director of CIA to find ways to quite Bin-Laden (Who was gained reputation as Arab Jihadis in Afghanistan against the Soviets, which all were propagandas of Pakistan agents collecting money for Pakistan Government, spreading Osama Bin-Laden pictures at the Arabic Mosques collecting money for Jihad.) or send him far away from their areas. Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan volunteered to take to him to his country for getting billions of dollars from Saudi and US governments. This was 1996 the civil wars in Afghanistan and establishment of Islamic Emirate under the leadership of Mullah Omar.


***Bin-Laden, Zawahiri and their group brought to Pakistan with the help of Musharraf government, obviously that time and many years behind Pakistan Governments receiving grants and charities from the US and Saudi governments. Bin-Laden also came with billions of his funds with him to Pakistan.

Interfering and watching the newly government in Afghanistan, Pakistan took a vicious satanic advantage of the situations. First made arrangements for Bin-Laden daughter marriage to the leader of Afghanistan, then picked up a remote village full of mountain rocks, pisonas insects, with brutal summer heat of 120 degrees, but connected from the mountains side to the ShamShad mountain Military base of Pakistan at the fat east village of Tora Bora (Black Widow) north-eastern Jalalabad province of Afghanistan. They picked up that village, assigned thousand of their ISI agents to clean that village, all with the funds of Bin-Laden to make it ready for the accommodations of Bin-Laden and their groups, with guarding by the ISI agents all paid by Bin_Laden.


***The name of the Afghan government under the leadership of Mullah Omar was Emarat Islami of Afghanistan from 1996-October 2001, Pakistan is the one that with interjecting some of the Pakistan Wahabi School students to the Kabul governments spread the name of Taliban (Religious Students) Government for Afghanistan, to get more money from Arabs that they hear the name of Talib, and degrade the capacity of Mullah Omar an Afghan leader, as they spread the name of Arabic Mujahid instead of Afghan Freedom Fighters who called themselves against  the Soviet invaders, to give an Arabic name to match the pictures of Bin-Laden that they were speaking with the help of their agents for collecting money from the Arabic countries Mosques during 1980’s.


***Gary Schroen CIA agent with his forty million dollars cash was dropped by Russian helicopter in Astana of Panjshir province to share the money among the top member of the previous government that were thrown out of the country by the Islamic Government of Mullah Omar. The invader forces  make them marsh under the shadow of American B-2 bombers to topple the so called Taliban government in Afghanistan. Most of these members were Russian, Iran and Pakistan agents and have brought unbearable chrises from 1992-96 in the country till they were kicked out from the country by the Islamic Emirate warriors. They are the same ones that the US authorities brought in power again from 2002 on, they have robbed  the nation from every project donated by millions and billions dollars by the friendly countries for reconstruction and development of Afghanistan.

When the Islamic Emirate of Mullah Omar was leaving the authority of the Nation to the United States and NATO, their fifteen thousand young soldiers surrounded to their authorities as prisoners of war. The US and NATO forces handed these prisoners of war handcuffed to the Northern Alliance warlords namely Rashid Dostum and Atta Mohammad Noor, these lawless brutal warlords murdered them brutally in such an inhuman way, that at the human rights commission of the UN has recorded as worst brutal murders at the history of wars against innocent prisoners of wars. The Americans and their immoral warlords governments and their lobbyist in Washington and Kabul nourished by the government, put in jails in Guantanamo and Kabul the innocent employees of the Islamic Emirate that they have had not connection with the Al-Qaeda- Bin-Laden and 9/11 unfortunate situations.

Above are some of the unfortunate matters that so  called Talibans are fighting about and want to meet face to face with Americans, for all brutal authorities and inhuman players have been done to them and their country, because to them no other power have the ability to clarify the above matters.


I am going to end this long,last letter I write in the United states with a comment I wrote on the article by Frank Vogl at the Globalist under the topic of “How the World Bank Mismanaged the Reconstruction of Afghanistan” on May 19,2018 and one of my last letters to President Ashraf Ghani on “ Prosecutions of National Criminals” on April 27. 2018.



They were wrong from from the get go in Afghanistan, toppled the government that did not have anything to do with Bin-Laden, their groups and 9/11. Brought the most lawless corrupt people in power and made them protector and investors for billions dollars. Gave billions to Pakistan government to find Bin-Laden and protect then as a snake in their sleeves. Isolated the King who could have brought honest experienced and nation loving people, who knew how to built their country. Supported the most traitor dishonest people who received cash donations from the US and others, but being loyal servants to Russians, Iranians and Pakistanis. They left all the foreign affairs and foreign embassies to the disqualified traitor groups. They closed the Ministry of Planning of Afghanistan who were using American and other foreign and Afghan experts programming the developments of public and private sectors. They thought that they will


adopt the American way of free market system, without business management, law and order and public awareness. They created anarchy from top to bottom. They have not even made or adopted the traffic laws and norms in the city. Fearing from baseless threat of a corrupt warlord, ignoring the votes of eight million people, to call the recount and or call for re-election, established the leadership with two headed government.One presenting the lawless of the past twenty years warlords and the other academician without having a group of national experts to save the country from dividing in every aspects of life in the country.

The only super development they made, was diverting 350 thousand hectares of our kosher agriculture lands to Opium growing fields, that with the leadership of British forces in Helmand and help of Pakistan military forces, produce nine thousand tons of Opiums, sold to the pharmaceutical institution in the west for hundreds of billions dollars every year.  

Afghans are broken in all aspects of life during the past forty years. Their best people were killed during the communist regimes, the ones left in the country were ignored, the ones who came to the foreign states with qualifications and national interest, was not given chance for rebuilding their country, since they were honest, qualified and were not bowing to the less practical, imposing characters of some foreigners who knew much less about their economic, culture and independent behaviour of their people. Regards.




Dear President Ashraf Ghani;

The fulfillments of the above hope is the fundamental wish of the people during the past forty years. I know it is behind the capacity of the Afghan Government. Since in the creations of the crimes and authorities in our nation many foreign governments and international institutions have been involved and are responsible. So we have to get the support and important involvements of the international institutions and our friendly nations of the past two decades to accomplish this national and human task. Specially that NOW the pressure of our friendly nations direct this crucial task on the Afghan shoulders.

I present my thoughts and evaluations as follows, I hope you can look at it with your brilliant mind and responsibilities for now and the future government.


You have the knowledge and detailed information of the corruptions and crimes in the country from the start of the white coup then the brutal inhuman atrocities of the communist governments and Soviet invaders, then destructive fighting and immoral corruptions of the warlords who were nourished in Iran and Pakistan, to the Islamic Emirate Saga that was collapsed by the US and NATO, supported by Russia and Iran.

The UN Human Rights agencies, ICC and number of other national and international groups have detailed, published and unpublished records of those crimes and atrocities.


Unfortunately some corrupt officials from the previous governments, obtained their positions again to the high domestic and foreign affairs stages at the present government.

What to be done to bring law and justice to clean the country from these elements, give some relief to the people and have true hope for a national leadership.

We have to involve the friendly responsible nations and institutions to help us succeed at this crucial responsibility.


***Have a serious gathering with the US, UN and NATO representatives, ask them to carry the responsibility and the leadership of the following projects.

***With their help establish three public courts (Political-Economic and Military) detach from the leadership and involvements of the Afghan three branches of government.

***The judges and prosecutors should be appointed from qualified and outstanding Afghan lawyers in Afghanistan and abroad, with foreign advisors and judges appointed by ICC and or the UN related agencies.

***The security of these courts once established in Kabul, be the responsibility of the UN and NATO with qualified Afghan securities.

***These courts, will have enough national responsible and informative persons, with accurate records of the criminals including the UN security, human rights and other informative international agencies.

***These courts should have the authority with security power, to present every corrupt person from the president’s to warlords down the line to respond about their national responsibilities to the nation.

***These courts have the authority and responsibility to prosecute any person who is responsible for crimes against the people and the Nation of Afghanistan in any of the three sectors during the past forty years.

***None of these people who are under the prosecutions for the national crimes, should be candidate or vote for any public position until their release from the above courts .


This procedure will provide freedom for the people who will vote for the both houses and presidential elections, without domestic and foreign agents threats.   Regards.


In conclusions, Afghans are truely frustrated and tired from wars, authorities, public, private and institutional corruptions, Opium productions, drug dealers, nation traitors, economic and social struggles and mistreatments by domestic traitors, foreign agents, neighboring countries and friendly and foes close and far nations.

In Afghanistan we have a time limit for our paciant in our history. Forty years is the maximum which completed. Our people are start moving from the grassroot in the villages and provinces.

They go back to their fundamental stand of GOD-COUNTRY AND FREEDOM, depending on their overland and underground sources and using their national powers and God given nature, develop their live independently, with mutual respect with all the nations in respect of league of nations that have joined decades ago.


I advise the domestic and foreign concern people and institutions, and friendly and not friendly countries, to help Afghanistan establish their own independent non-align government, with social and political system they chose with their own historical national gatherings, this will be more profitable for our people, the region and the rest of the world friends and foes included.


Sincere Citizen  


Essa M. Tokhi

Santa Barbara.

California USA 93101

July 3rd. 2018